Key 2 - Energy

2. Expression : It’s A Circus!

2.  Expression : It’s A Circus!

As painters/would-be artists, we need our left brains and egos to plan, learn technique, orchestrate, manage the process while protecting us, and helping us withstand the world.

We need our right brain and our spirit to inform us of aspects beyond the visual field with dreams, symbol and metaphor, and to love life.

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3. Expression : Mining For Gold

3.  Expression : Mining For Gold

Over the years of conducting workshops, I have discovered that it is not enough to teach my students how to see and paint. My students are drawn to my workshops to discover not only how I paint, but they wish to understand why they are effected by the more expressive aspects of the work

I call it “digging for gold”.  What follows are some of the ways we gold miners excavate our art...

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