Response to Gail Re: Jurying

The Question:  Is the artist (being juried) entitled to the judges' full comments on his/her work?  

My response:  Gail, first, thank you for even wanting to know my opinion.  Clearly you do not take judging lightly, and for this I am grateful, as so many so-called "experts" tromp rough shod over often budding talent.

I was not there; I did not see the work; I do not know the organization you judged for.... However, I can tell you that I always try to do what is best to ensure the positive progression of the artist and their art.  As a judge, I should be completely comfortable with the fact I have given the art and the artist the respect the entry deserves.  Also, I always ask myself the question in such circumstances "Am I serving the ego (i.e., hierarchy, establishment, sales, power, fear, etc.,) or am I serving the highest Art?"  I always want to serve Art and give 150% toward encouraging those aspects that serve this purpose.  If this means staying behind, meeting an up-and-comer who is sincerely interested in knowing more about his/her work from "experts", or giving them extra critique, then absolutely, I will.  Otherwise, why jury at all? 

The prizes and awards given speak for themselves.  It's those that didn't get the prizes that need our help.  I hope this helps, and I wish you all the very best with jurying shows in the future.  My warmest regards to you.