Saratoga Springs Offering 2008

"IRISH" 16x12 by me. It's about my ancestry. These wonderful jockey silks contained a shamrock which had me romanticizing about being of Irish descent, and remembering those fabulous Irish Thoroughbreds of my youth. It was painted in oil on gold panel...

"GOLDEN TICKET" by Lesley Humphrey. 16x12 oil on panel....Painted again from Saratoga references. This time, I was excited about how my life was going and I felt like I had been handed the golden birth! Lucky me!

"THE DARK HORSE" 2008 Watercolour by Lesley Humphrey. I painted this on gold prepared watercolour paper with watercolour. As you can see, the style and application is exactly the same as my oils. This time though, it's not about the horse really... It's about the remarkable race to the White House that's going on this year. The filly is out of the running and this guy has an old grey to beat! Let's see who wins. Mmmm.