What do you do when your gallery doesn't want your new style?

TRINITY 36x36 oil on gold canvas

My husband and I own DaVinci's Gallery in our local downtown area, (that we used to operate but now lease to a co-operative) so we know the incredible pressures gallery owners and operators have in sucessfully marketing art.   I have been extremely well represented for my equine and sporting works by Sportsman's Gallery Limited and Paderewski Fine Arts for over 18 years and cannot fault their business ethic in the slightest.  They know their market.

As I grow and change as a painter (it's not for me to say I'm an artist - only time can tell that), I yearn to pour content and meaning into my work not necessarily having anything to do with the representative image; using the image as a sort of  icon for something more.  This painting is just such a piece.  I painted the canvas with Daniel Smith's gold gesso before beginning (also symbolic for me) and poured out my deep intention, sometimes carving it into the background.  (I'll leave you to guess at the meaning.)

My main gallery did not feel this was something they could represent, probably not wanting to confuse my collectors.  I completely understand, yet the rejection hit a nerve as  I realized that my gallery was not representing me and my artistic journey, but a certain brand of image I may not forever be able to furnish.  (Probably a little deluded and narcissistic to think otherwise all these years, but there you are...) A a certain amount of soul-searching took place when I realized this truth.  I was reminded of a conversation I had with one of my teachers Alex Powers when he said "Drop your galleries and do Art".  I suppose I am at a crossroads; I suppose it's time to choose...

What does one do?  Lick my wounds for sure.  Buying an ice cream (oink) helped.

You may have experienced synchronistic events in your life, well I felt that I did on this day... I received an invitation to enter an international equestrian art competition called Ex Arte Equinus with my new pieces.  I decided to see if everyone felt the same way about new works and entered "Trinity" and other like pieces.  Trinity won first place in painting, and my Appleby Flasher won third in drawing.  Evidently I will receive some goodies, works published in a lovely book, but the real gift is the whisper from the Spirit of Art that says "Keep going....."

You may view the competition Ex Arte Equinus at: http://www.arthorsemagazine.com/art_competition.html