25th Anniversary Jazz Cruise

My wonderful husband took me on the most luxurious experience of my life, a jazz cruise to Cayman Islands, Bahamas and Florida. Oh my goodness! Can you imagine being surrounded by such beauty, in a truly fabulous suite, wine, tremendous musicians, and sitting there with a bottle of wine and painting it all?  Well, that's what I did.  To show my tremendous gratitude for my husband I made this wee little book and, with a make up bag full of my trusty Golden fluid acrylics, I painted something we did together each day....(then had his favorite artists sign the book)

This is the little book,(you can see my fingernail bottom right). I would pre-prepare the pages with colour the night before, ready for the next day's adventure to capture...

A beautiful boat sailed by in Key West. This was a rapid little painting. I abstracted the landscape I saw on the island beyond.

The artist on the left was the remarkable Nick Corlionne who was generous enough to give a guitar seminar in the cocktail lounge (hic... this was helped along by a nice rum and coke. The one on the right was gin and tonic.) I was inspired and touched by these amazing musicians and the way they shared their lives and their Art with us. Their journeys were often tough... Nearly all were true masters of their craft. Sheer and unadulterated pleasure!

Marion Meadows... A most beautiful jazz saxaphonist (with the most adorable and beautiful wife, Maria.)

There was a spot in the main performance hall that had some lights shining down on the table.  How convenient!  So Larry and I would plant ourselves there sometimes whilst I painted, bottle of wine or champagne at the ready, just responding to the magic.  Just before our anniversary, I had all the artists sign my book and gave it to Larry that evening.  He was "dead chuffed", as they say where I grew up.  Now, all that is left are delicious memories that echo in my mind like a Larry Carlton solo.

Thanks to my amazing husband who surprises me with enchanted, delicious adventures all the time (you're amazing, and I love you)....Thanks to all the artists who touched me so:  Nick Corlionne, Norman Brown, Larry Carlton, Boney James, Miles and Accoustic Alchemy, Chieli Mannuci, Mindi Abair, Heather Hedley, Mr. Sandoval, and so many more...