Unveiled: My official 137th Kentucky Derby Art (Copyright 2010 Lesley Humphrey)

VICTORY 24 x 18 oil on panel. Official Art, Kentucky Derby 137. (Collection Mr. Bob Evans, CEO, Churchill Downs)

Vincent Van Gogh once remarked that any ‘good’ painting is an act of generosity. Whilst I cannot be so bold as to label any artful attempt as good or bad, it’s safe to say that I do hope for my work to be considered ‘good’. With this in mind, I approached VICTORY with you in mind. When you look at the painting, I want YOU to feel like the winner. You are part of the winner’s circle and this is your horse, coming to you, looking at you. Every gesture, shape, line and layer was created with this intention in mind.

LILY, JIM, ROSE & JULEP 24 x 18 oil on panel. Official Art, Oaks 137. (Available for purchase, 100% of my proceeds to benefit Horses & Hope charity)

Fashion, fun and fancy hats were my inspiration for the Oaks poster. On Oaks day, the ladies parade like rows of beautiful flowers. Derby traditions were integral to creating my race goers. Allow me to introduce them to you: First there’s Lily… She’s a bit of a stargazer. Next to her is Jim…. He’s always got a beam in his eye. Rose, as usual, is laying all over everyone, and Julep, brings everything fresh and fun to the group.

Here I am signing prints on November 19th at my unveiling champagne reception at Churchill Downs.

Thank you everyone for making me feel so welcome, and thank you to all my Lexington friends for taking the time to drive up for the occasion. It meant so much to see your lovely faces in the group. Your presence reassured me more than you can imagine.