Friendship And The Timeless Tapestry

Timeless Tapestry: 30 x 24″ oil on panel by Lesley Humphrey. Copyright 2013

I know a beautiful, powerful Kentucky Thoroughbred by the name of Timeless Fashion.  During his career, he has endeared himself to so many people;  He's courageous, inspiring, fiercely determined, yet so gentle for his owner, my wonderful friend Judy.  He is woven into my own Kentucky Derby adventure in a meaningful way, inspiring the painting "The Timeless Tapestry."  Earlier this year we had an incredible celebration of his career at the Kentucky Horse Park.... I was honored to be a part of it.

As is often the case, I wrote a poem that went with the painting.....


By Lesley Humphrey

For my dear and well-loved friend, Judy Miller


Brown Fire

You kindled into a roaring flame!

Life burst from your hooves

And those of us upon your back

Were woven into, on and through your life

What a ride!What a privilege!


Brown Fire

You drew us in like a beacon of thunder

The great Kentucky tapestry of lives interwoven

Each loop of the track sewing lives together

With tears and triumphs, ups and downs,

Intricate bonds, above and below the surface

All beautiful threads creating the

Timeless Tapestry


Brown Fire

We remove your reins on dewy bluegrass

And as your fire cools in earth and rain

As the pounding of your hooves goes quiet,

With reverence, love, and filled with gratitude

We shed our silks, but never our love

Forever woven into

The Timeless Tapestry

I was delighted to hear that far from being 'put out to pasture', Timeless is learning to jump and seems to be enjoying himself.  Go Timeless!  Here we are all together:

Timeless, Judy and myself. You are the best friends anyone could ever wish for. X