"The Spirit Of Overcoming" : My new series is launched... (Copyright 2013 Lesley Humphrey)

Have you read the book, "Snowman, The $80.00 Champion", by Elizabeth Letts?  It's wonderful! I bought the book at an airport, on my way to a week-long artist's retreat by the beach and was, quite literally, swept away by it... In part because of the story of this amazing horse, and partly because of the incredible man and hero, Harry Deleyer... I was deeply inspired by them both.  For the remainder of the retreat, I was inspired to paint my white horse over and over again, 9 times in total that first week.

As if that were not enough, I was utterly blown away to later discover that a friend and neighbor, Mr. John Deleyer and his family, was Harry's son, John Deleyer, and unmentioned in the book!  John is the huntsman of the The Longacre Hunt where I was once a member, with colors.  The Longacre Hunt is partly owned by one of my closest, dearest friends, MFH Susie Hackney!  That was the 'icing on the cake'.  These are all wonderful people, dear to me for years.

Life seemed to be weaving its incredible tapestry, the threads woven together by the Creative Spirit, becoming visible... right before my eyes!  My heart was deeply touched... I couldn't get Harry and Snowman's story off my mind... Now this image is ingrained upon my psyche... The painting here is a sneak preview of the series unfolding...Hope you like it!

“Escape Velocity” 2013, 48″ x 24″ oil on canvas, by Lesley Humphrey : All rights reserved.

About the painting....

I gave the book to my daughter, but the image lingered and is now etched upon my psyche....

The thought of Snowman, determined to come home, and Harry Deleyer, determined to win, despite obstacles of every possible description:  Origin, breed, economics.... I recognized their story as the aptly-named "Hero's Journey" referred to in Joseph Campbell's epic work "The Hero With A Thousand Faces";  A story of life, of Spirit, and extraordinary circumstances that brought together two magnificent beings;  Both had that very rare, unbeatable, indescribable 'something' that life throws up from time-to-time;  That 'something special' that defies the odds, flaunts the powers that be, and in the process, gives us all hope.

I love the story.  It changed me for the better, forever, and launched a new painting series...

Escape Velocity will be auctioned on November 20th at

The Sporting Art Auction, Keeneland, Lexington, Kentucky.  Go to: