Mac Ladies - The Best Ever

Have you been fortunate to know people so comfortable in their own skin, so comfortable with their lives, simple or otherwise, that you can think of no other people you'd rather be around?  I am one of those fortunate people....

Little Betty’s Mac Ladies Lesley Humphrey watercolor 2014

In Standish, the village I grew up in, when it's raining one often sees women huddled together under umbrellas, usually with a warm hat and waterproof mackintosh (mac) on to keep out the rain and wind.  One thing's for certain, whether they know one another or not, they are always chatting.  To the passer-bye they are ordinary people, but under those mackintoshes beat hearts of pure gold.  I will miss them.

Eileen’s Mac Ladies Watercolor by Lesley Humphrey

These are the kind of people that will never think twice to help one another.  My family and I are fortunate enough to know some of the very best - the finest friends and neighbors in all the world.

My mother is definitely a mac lady....  In the past, no matter your ailment or physical capabilities, if my mother knew you, you would never have to worry that you'd be helped, and if you needed help weekly, you would have it - for years, if necessary.   Betty, Eileen and Rachael... I have been touched by your helping hands and kind hearts.  You're living proof that what goes around, comes around.  (There are many others including; Precious Lisa, Beloved Marjorie and Little Jean, Hilarious Beatrice, Sam.... You'll all get your mac lady cards in time :)

Now 80, as Mum's eyesight and physical capabilities diminish as the years go bye, it's become the turn of those younger than she to pick up the baton - and they do so with flying colors.  Whether it's a warm dish when she's a little down, or a ride to the local shops, or a great laugh with a cup of tea, they are there... our precious mac ladies....

Connie’s Mac Ladies by Lesley Humphrey

This year's mac ladies are Betty, Eileen, Connie and Rachael...  Thank you ladies!  You are the best... Thank you for looking after our precious Edna.  XX


The painting was one, long watercolor that I split into four for this year's recipients.... Here's an ode to our precious mac ladies... 

Rachael’s Mac Ladies by Lesley Humphrey

ODE TO MAC LADIES by Lesley Humphrey

When the storms begin to gather

And the threat of rain appears

I’m talking of the wet kind

And the ones that cause us tears

There’s a special breed of women

Who’ll bring you up when you feel down

They’ll bring you leek and potato soup

Or run you into town

Where would we be without them?

Our Mac Ladies are pure gold,

They are the best in all the world

After them, they broke the mould

If I could live ten lifetimes

And search my whole life through

I’m sure that I could never find

Mac Ladies more loved than you.