Lean On Me.......

“Pulling Through”, (Unfinished… I’ll replace with finished version, when complete) 30″ x 40″ oil on canvas by Lesley Humphrey, Copyright 2015

Have you ever been quite literally and figuratively, 'knocked you off your feet'?  If you've lived into adulthood, you most certainly have, in some form or another.  My family and I are just like you.... We're not immune.  We've had our setbacks, our mountains to climb, our knocks and bruises.  How do we keep going to not only survive, but thrive?  What's the solution?  Well, I think I've found it...

At least, for me, it's having someone close bye that cares about you;  someone willing to lend you their energy, their strength, until you can find your feet again.  It's about letting go of the reins sometimes, admitting you don't have all the answers, trusting others do, and going with the flow (really hard for me, in the past, and I'm still working on it.)

It's togetherness....It's helping one another

I've learned that, most of the time, it often took courage to even ask for help.  Often, I tried to move mountains, to find a solution, and solve problems by myself.  You see, I've been an independent sort all my life, and often thought I could "go it alone".  It's a bit arrogant isn't it?  In the end, I discovered something truly wonderful;  That life is filled with compassionate, phenomenal people who will lend you their strength, their expertise, their resources, their compassion; Many will go the extra mile for you time and time again, if you ask for help.  

Could there be a better metaphor for strength and support that carries you forward -  than a beautiful horse?  For me, even since childhood, it's always been the great white horse.

(Detail from “Pulling Through”) by Lesley Humphrey 2015

What does angst and despair and fighting back feel like?  This is how my heart and hand described it!

I feel great compassion for the displaced, lonely and troubled among us, and because of the difficulties of the past two years, I think I'm equipped to help them because of what I've learned.  I've discovered that it's the trials we encounter, and how we navigate them, and how we learn from them that defines and molds our character.

It's largely because of life's challenges, ups and downs, I know I'm a better person - I've survived the knocks and bruises life delivers, with help from my wise mentors and loved ones.  Today, I find I'm filled with gratitude, compassion, a new sense of identity, and what it means to truly helpful, and be a good friend and support to those who need my energy.  I know when to offer... and when to conserve my energy.  (Now that's a skill us women aren't born with!)  I love people more;  I love life more;  I believe more; I love the human spirit more.... Inevitably....all that angst, fighting spirit, glory, and hope has found its way into my art....

These days I cannot seem to find the time to "paint what stuff looks like".  Instead, I let the brush translate also what my deepest feelings are, and I find my themes and my paintings are becoming more gestural and expressive, as a result.  I often pull highly personal images from my imagination and my memory, rather than from a sketch or photo.  It's as if my heart moves my hand!  Whether the viewer 'likes it' or not, it's the truth... and that's what I strive to always paint from now on.

PULLING THROUGH (detail) by Lesley Humphrey.

How does it feel, when you finally let go of the reins and let life lead you?  It feels like this, to me...

This painting is still in process.  (I think I'm running out of Cadmium Yellow!)  As I began working on it, I kept hearing the song "Lean On Me" and "You'll Never Walk Alone" play in my head.  The music seemed to fit so well.  I contemplated what it felt like to pull through problems... And how kind people are when you let them in.  I did... and it's really lovely, and a relief to know that, like the song said "I never had to walk alone!  (Don't you truly find out who your friends are when you and/or your family are truly needing help?)  All this love, gratitude and hope found its way into the painting also.

Looking back on the past couple of years, I've realized there were many circumstances that seemed to fit together, as if the whole universe consorted to help me, once I asked for help.  I think it's a reminder that there is some great, indefinable Essence and Light in the world, that sends inspiring signs, symbols, synchronicity to help light the way, if I'm alert and calm enough to notice - and have the courage and insight to respond.

How does it feel, as I let go the reins? It feels like blessed relief.  It feels like I am loved, without striving for and having to earn it.... and that I always was.  It's gratitude.  It's golden.


I have some superstar helpers in my life.... Thanks you lovely peeps much for trudging through hills and vales with me... pulling us all back into the sunshine!  'Love you fabulous people!....

Larry, Ashley, Laurie, Gina, Chris, Lauren, Nancy, Chelsea, Andrea, Keith, Linda, Freda, Louise, Debbie, Tania, Kim, Beth, Judy, Garry, Jayne, Edna, Cory, Jessica, Stephanie, Marjorie, and many more...

Sneak Preview From My New Series"


What does it feel like when you can’t see where you’re going, but you’ve decided to allow the great Spirit of Life and Love lead the way?  ….. This is what poured out of my brush…. I listened to Coldplay’s “Midnight” as I was painting “DAWNING” 30″ x 20″ oil on canvas by Lesley Humphrey. Copyright 2015

My New Series will be available at New Editions Gallery, Lexington, Kentucky in 2016.