14. Painting A Person, From Life : Acrylic Demo : Part 2

Adding blue glazes to dress

All first layer of glazes applied. Now for the hair dryer!

Reapplied white/light planes for higher lights, shines and details on fabrics, etc.

Detail of adding ‘shines’

Added second and third layers of ‘red’ to achieve rich, deep color on fabric.

Close-up of focal area.  (I admit, she looks like she’s blushing, but I can fix that back in the studio.)

1- hour chiaroscuro/acrylic technique demo completed

I still (of course) consider this painting unfinished, and there are several things I could adjust, such as the color temperatures, edges, and correcting the gesture… Not to mention polish and finishing touches… if I wanted a “finished look”.  I will correct the skin tones, possibly the gesture, and a couple of edges, but not much…..


For Lauren and I, it shall forever stand as a beautiful moment in time, in a perfect environment for two people who love art.  Who would want to cover up that … just to make a pretty painting?  Certainly not us! 


Lauren, thank you very much, lovely daughter – you are a perfect model.  Thank you Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts, Houston for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to paint surrounded by masterpieces.  I love your museum.  Thank you Linda Graham, Andrea Jetton, and Veranne Graham for sharing your talents with us.  XX

Want to see the process in action? Click below.

Final Word….



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