Sunflower: Pearl Fincher MFA

June 2009 "SUNFLOWER" by Lesley Humphrey

The Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts had invited my painting friends and I (we call ourselves the "Six Figure Painters") to have a show in June.  We hired Crystal and painted her all together in one session, each having a different viewpoint.  We then finished the painting at our own studios.  This is my finished piece and it will be on display June 29th at the Pearl for a month.  (We have a reception scheduled for July 24th.. Come and see us!)

"Sunflower" has a lot of content for me.  It may seem a little sullen and lack colour, but this is how I am at the moment.  My Mum's sunflowers were wilting and sad looking on the table, so I put them in the piece, two looking down, one looking up.   The rest I'll leave to your imagination...

Have a wonderful day please!