Using your mother for 'mac lady' hunting..

What is a 'mac lady' and how do you hunt them?  You pose your Mum, or other family member, close to a 'macker' (typical British lady in mackintosh or other coat), and "click".  I give them points out of ten for how fab they are... This one is a good 9.  Not only is she cloaked in a coat and hat, but she also has the required sensible shoes, shopping back, etc.  The only way you can achieve a '10' is if you have a short-legged dog, of questionable origins, on a lead.

Yes, that is my Mum back on her feet, with her little pal Ella.  Whilst posing for this, she said "Oh Lesley, y'don't want a picture of me do you?" ... all blushy and coy (for her)  I said.. "No, but the lady in red is just fabulous!

I'm so relieved Mum is doing better now. I spent several weeks in the UK with her and visiting my art friends, and my daughter at her new flat in London.  (She's having a remarkable time at Sotheby's Art Institute, and sharing her discoveries with me.  How delicious!)